Food Security Toolbox

It is with great pleasure that we share this food security toolbox with you. It is the result of many years of work, projects, internships, collective and collaborative efforts by various committees and community organizations. Some of the tools were also created as part of the Hidden Hunger campaign of the Collective Impact Project (CIP) funded by Centraide.

Below you will find 5 tools that will allow you to better understand local resources, food insecurity issues and the structure of the food system in the West Island. Each tool is accompanied by a description sheet to help you make the best use of it!

Where to start?

A good entry point for awareness is the short film Hidden Hunger.

Are you a social worker?

Looking for food literacy workshops to offer your clients? Check out the collection of Food Literacy Workshops.

Want to refer your clients to organizations that offer food assistance? Consult the Food Resource Directory.

Are you a resident?

Looking for practical tips on how to approach your daily diet? Check out the Guide to a Balanced Diet.

West Island Food Bank Information Flyer, 2022

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Food Resources for West Island Citizens

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