Community Housing Toolbox

The purpose of the Community Housing Toolbox is to put tools in the hands of community members who want to develop affordable, accessible and sustainable community housing in the West Island. 

The toolbox will be full of useful tools such as articles, books, webinars, guides, local and expert knowledge. It will be developed for and with local West Island community organizations and community members in mind. The final product will be available online through the TQSOI’s website. 

Through this community toolbox, we hope to create awareness of the available housing solutions in the West Island and to both sustain and strengthen the sense of community in the West Island through collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and tools.

Project timeline

Join the Community Housing Toolbox committee!

Being on the committee gives you access to project updates, voting capabilities on which tools will be included in the toolbox and where, input on toolbox design, results from surveys and more. If you would like to be involved in the planning or implementation process of our community toolbox for community housing, contact project coordinator Victoria Prentice-Funk at or at 514-505-0840 x11.

The committee, or “the toolbox team”, had its first meeting on June 20th! At the meeting we successfully shared project updates, presented the toolbox format alongside its tools, received feedback and asked for extra support on development of certain tools. For more information, you can consult the toolbox team meeting minutes. The next toolbox team meeting will be held at the end of the summer pending team member’s availability. Contact us to join!

The Together for Community Housing event

April 11th, 2022 | 1PM – 3PM | Zoom

This event was all about starting the conversation about the problems and challenges community groups have faced or are facing when developing new community housing in the West Island and then brainstorming tools to combat these challenges together!

This will ensure that, by the end of the community housing toolbox project, we have a really well-equipped toolbox full of beneficial materials and resources that anyone can use when confronted by commonly experienced problems. 

This 2-hour virtual and bilingual meeting was packed full of quick-fire group discussion questions, brainstorming activities and information on the community housing toolbox project!

We had a great turn out with 6 community groups, 5 community housing operators, 4 community members, 2 citizen groups, 1 technical resource group (GRT) who participated. We accomplished our goals to identify the challenges to the development of community housing in the West Island and to brainstorm tools to overcome them. During our discussion we were able to come up with a long list of ideas for tools that could stock our toolbox. 

For more insight into the results of this event, check out the Impact Report!

Next steps…

Over the course of the summer, we hope to finish building all the tools for the final toolbox so as to be able to start developing the webpage come September! Stay tuned for more.

Please feel free to share the project in your networks!

The event is open to anyone with experience or an interest in developing community housing.

All questions can be directed to project coordinator Victoria Prentice-Funk, 514-505-0840 x11, whose work is supported by project assistant Tatianna Sitounis.