Housing for All: Affordability without barriers is an initiative of the Projet Impact Collectif (PIC), a major step forward for community development and the development of structural responses to complex and urgent social issues. Through the first phase of the PIC, Housing for All: West Island Workshops, we mobilized our community into action through small-scale solutions and we want to build on this momentum into the second phase to address the need for community housing in a systemic way.


To increase the stock of community housing to meet the needs of residents of the southern West Island.


We will collectively put our previous experience working on the housing system into practice to address the systemic barriers that limit the development of community housing, also known as the six conditions of systems change. We will accomplish this by adopting a local housing project that is currently in development as a lens through which to tackle these barriers. This will have a positive impact on the feasibility of the chosen project, as well as on other future projects. With this approach, we will facilitate development and increase the stock of community housing in the West Island.


The PIC 2 team is composed of community leaders and housing stakeholders. As the project unfolds, the team will work to capture significant changes and learnings and reinvest them into action. With a map of the West Island housing system, key players and target populations will be involved in the project to collectively address the barriers that limit the development of community housing. We will conduct surveys and focus groups in order to understand their perspective on solutions and progress.


PIC 2 is a 3 year project. Below is the timeline for year 1.

Our Process

​​We are interested in capturing learnings from our project as they relate to our strategies and our impact on the territory, our partners and target populations. We will ask the following questions: 

  • In what way(s) has our collective capacity to address the conditions for systemic change brought us closer to achieving our goal?
  • What has been the impact(s) of our efforts to address the conditions for systemic change?

These questions are directly related to three intended outcomes:

  • Understanding the nature of the conditions for systemic change at the local level through a community housing project
  • Increased collective capacity to address the conditions for systemic change in community housing
  • Increased knowledge flow across the West Island community housing sector

For more information about our intended outcomes and how we plan to reach them, take a look at our schematic representation of our vision for change.

PIC 2 vision for change.

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Join us

Want to learn more about our project and find out how you can contribute? We’d love to hear from you!
Contact project coordinator Piotr Boruslawski at pboruslawski@tqsoi.org or at 514-505-0840 x7.

​Housing for All: Affordability without barriers is part of the second phase of the Collective Impact Project – Projet Impact Collectif (PIC) funded by Centraide of Greater Montreal.