What is community housing and how can it improve West Island neighbourhoods?

Simply put, community housing is housing which is delivered by community organisations. It is often reserved for groups that face challenges accessing housing, such as seniors, young families, single parents, and people with disabilities. Despite a strong demand, misconception, stigma and knowledge gaps often impede the development of community housing projects.

As the cost of housing continues to soar, the ability for many West Islanders to remain in their community is being threatened. The TQSOI believes that community housing development is a key component in creating safe and affordable homes for all.

Curious about community housing?

Join us for this two-hour session, where you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the community housing development process
  • Network with community housing enablers and actors, such as operators, funders, planners, elected officials, and community organizations
  • Collaboratively brainstorm strategies to support the need for more community housing in the West Island

Featuring a presentation from Simon Mammone from Groupe CDH, a groupe des ressources techniques specialized in community housing development.

Short films!

We have been hard at work creating 3 original short films showcasing local community housing projects, featuring interviews with housing managers, staff, residents, elected officials, and other insiders.

  • Villa Beaurepaire: a seniors residence built on land divided from Beaurepaire United Church’s large lot
  • Île des Amis: a supportive housing project providing affordable apartments to adults with mental health challenges; and
  • Ricochet: an upcoming development providing affordable studio apartments to housing precarious youth, to be built next to Centre Bienvenue.

Please feel free to share the event in your networks!

The event is open to anyone with an interest about affordable community housing.

All questions can be directed to project coordinator Nat Pace.