The city of Pointe-Claire announced a Special Planning Program (SPP) for Valois Village in 2017, in which a major orientation is to create an environment conducive to active lifestyles. In light of this, the TQSOI conducted a participatory assessment of active transportation in Valois with the aim to inform decision-makers of the realities and needs in Valois. We implemented three strategies to engage local residents and collect their viewpoints: a survey, a participatory walk, and a community pop-up event. Based on the information collected from these activities, the TQSOI proposes five recommendations that are inspired by Tactical Urbanism.

This report is structured into three main components:
– A literature review on the benefits of active transportation from an environmental, economic, social, and public health perspective.
– An analysis of citizen viewpoints collected through the consultation activities.
– Recommendations inspired by Tactical Urbanism.

Popular viewpoints with regards to the pedestrian experience and infrastructure:
– Lack of traffic calming measures
– Lack of sidewalks and poor quality
– Lack of amenities

Popular viewpoints with regards to the cycling experience and infrastructure:
– Lack of bike paths
– Poor connectivity
– Lack of protection from vehicular traffic