Together for a More Inclusive Southern West Island

TQSOI project, “Together for a More Inclusive Southern West Island,” is dedicated to enhancing the engagement of people of immigrant origin and ethnocultural minorities in local community organizations and the broader community decision-making processes. Over the summer of 2023, our project team meticulously crafted a comprehensive strategy to engage these communities and construct their “Portrait of Participation.” This effort involved surveys and a thorough review of pertinent literature.

In summary, our survey results illuminated several key insights. Many individuals cited a lack of knowledge, language barriers, and insufficient encouragement as the primary reasons for not participating in community activities and processes. To overcome these challenges, respondents expressed the need for enhanced communication and greater social media visibility, more accessible and family-friendly meeting formats, and the assurance that power-sharing and inclusive voices would be upheld.

In June of this year, we also launched the Community of Practice (CoP), a central element of our project. This platform is designed to facilitate collaboration, shared learning, and the exchange of best practices. Our CoP has already convened two productive meetings. In tandem with this, we are currently developing a Recognition Program tailored for community organizations. This program aims to recognize and celebrate the exceptional contributions of local community organizations committed to amplifying the involvement of people of immigrant origin and ethnocultural minorities. It will provide a stage for these organizations to showcase their outstanding initiatives and achievements, emphasizing their dedication to fostering inclusivity, enriching community engagement, and celebrating diversity.

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