This toolbox is for and by the West Island; to put tools in the hands of community members who want to develop affordable, accessible and sustainable community housing.

Through this community toolbox, we hope to promote awareness of the need for affordable housing and of available housing solutions in the West Island, to facilitate education and finally sustain and strengthen the sense of community in the West Island through collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and tools.

Visit the toolbox here:

“A Community Toolbox for Community Housing!”

What can I find in the toolbox?

  • Maps and data of community housing available in the West Island
  • A directory of partners in the community housing sector
  • A map of the West Island municipalities and their electoral districts with contact information for their respective city councillors
  • An introduction to zoning permits
  • Zoning maps for all the municipalities of the West Island
  • Housing Need Assessment Reports for the seven municipalities of the southern West Island
  • A list of upcoming community housing projects in the West Island
  • Case studies of successful examples of community housing
  • Resources for site searching and site selection
  • Guides to planning, pre-development, construction and execution of affordable housing projects
and more!

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