Evaluation – Territorial Social Development Action Plan 2016-2021

In 2021, at the end of five years in action, the TQSOI embarked on a participatory evaluation process of its very first Territorial Social Development Action Plan (2016-2021).

The evaluation process was led by an evaluation committee composed of TQSOI staff, board members and community representatives, it was accompanied by Dynamo, a community organization that supports other organizations in their collective processes. The evaluation allowed us to capture the impact of our work, to better understand the obstacles and levers encountered by the actors involved in the realization of the action plan and identify avenues for improvement to inform the next strategic planning process.

More precisely, the evaluation objectives were to make an evaluative reflection around the TQSOI’s Territorial Social Development Action Plan. To accomplish this, asked the following three questions:

  • What tells us that we have or have not achieved the objectives of our action plan?
  • What were the obstacles and the levers to achieving the objectives of our action plan?
  • What is the most significant social development change in the southern West Island that you feel you contributed to?

Our methodology included discussion groups with the TQSOI’s committees, a discussion group with two key informants and a survey for members and partners.

Committee Discussion Group Results

The following questions were asked in the four discussion groups for the Food Security, Housing, Health & Social Services and Poverty Reduction & Social Inclusion committees:

In general, the perception is that all the objectives of the Social Development Action Plan were attained by all committees.

Committee Timelines

As part of our evaluation process, we decided to highlight the accomplishments of our committees in the form of a timeline. The timelines cover the many actions and initiatives that the TQSOI’s committees undertook over the last 5 years, starting with their very first committee meeting. These were shared with committee members during the discussion group sessions and will continue to be used by the TQSOI to underline our collective accomplishments.

Committee Member Testimonials

The following testimonials were collected during the evaluation discussion groups with the TQSOI’s committees.

“The food security committee is our voice, it is are our vehicle to get the message out and to spread it.”

“Committee members get to advocate for the vulnerable people they work and volunteer with. Visibility helps vulnerable people get support.”

“It is of utmost importance to be able to share opinions regarding access to health care with the provider of the services.”

“Seeing partners motivated to work together towards a common goal. We all have individual lenses that we bring to the table and together great things can happen…”

“There is a desperate need for housing for our clients and it is good to work on the common goal to make affordable housing more available.”

“…the most important and significant change has been synergy amongst partners. In the last 5 years, I really feel that as a food security committee we have created significant and important synergy between members of the community on all levels.”

“Housing changes became something possible to achieve – not impossible – the Housing Committee took BIG baby steps towards this!”

“By raising general awareness, we’ve made significant impact in breaking the myth that there are no issues in the West Island.”

Looking Forward

So far, the evaluation results have been shared with our community during committee meetings, at our Annual General Meeting and in our 2021-2022 Annual Report. We also undertook a collective analysis with committee members in order to identify the lessons we learned and to determine how to reinvest these into action in our next strategic planning process.

In order to close the evaluation process, the evaluation committee will meet to further plan the communication and dissemination of the evaluation results.

Finally, we will be embarking on our next strategic planning process shortly! Stay tuned.