According to geographical studies conducted by the Direction Régional de Santé Publique (DRSP), the West Island is a food desert whereby 83.5% of the residents have very limited access to food. Low income citizens suffer from this reality the most.

Using funding for a three year project from the DRSP, the TQSOI conducted an extensive survey in order to create a diagnostic that reflects the different realities when it comes to accessing fresh fruits and vegetables. 494 responses were gathered from West Island residents and organizations that provide direct food services and food related interventions. The information presented in this report focuses on the responses of 240 residents of Pointe-Claire, which is the city at the heart of this project, and data from observations and focus groups..

For 2020-2021, the objective of the project is to put residents at the heart of a pilot project that will be developed, implemented and supported by the residents themselves, which would bring solutions that are desirable, feasible and sustainable and improve access to fresh fruits and vegetables in Pointe-Claire.