TQSOI creates Community Pop Up in Valois Village

“We want to engage with residents to imagine a better future for Valois Village. We hope our participatory approach here will inspire successful practices elsewhere in the West Island. It is meant to encourage a holistic approach to quality affordable housing, transportation and food policies.”

West Island community group calls for more affordable housing for seniors

“Unfortunately, affordable housing and subsidized housing is a big, big problem in the West Island,” said Alena Ziuleva, director of the Table du Quartier de l’Ouest l’Île (TQSOI), a community organization that wants to bring more affordable housing to Pointe-Claire and other parts of the West Island.

TQSOI to host West Island Housing Forum

‘“Social housing and co-operatives are virtually absent in this area,” Ziuleva explained.

“A significant number of tenants in the southern West Island spend over 30% of their income on housing and when the cost of maintaining a household is this high, less money is available to cover the cost of food, medication, education and other essential costs of living.”’

Kevin Woodhouse, The Suburban

October 10, 2018

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“TQSOI holding inaugural WI Housing Forum November 3rd”

”The West Island based non-profit organization TQSOI (Quartier Sud de l’Ouest-de-l’île) will be hosting its first ever open forum on housing in Pointe Claire this coming Saturday, November 3rd.

“This is an event to which all residents, community organizations, politicians and other key stakeholders in West-Island are welcome to participate,” explained TQSOI Director Alena Ziuleva. “For the first time, we will be discussing the lack of affordable housing in the West Island and building collective solutions.”’

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The Suburban

Oct 31, 2018