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Food Insecurity: TQSOI and West Island Community Resource Centre Interview

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Listen to Léa from the TQSOI and Cristina from the CRC talk about the food insecurity issue in the West Island with Amanda from Journalists for Human Rights - McGill University. …

Job Offer: Project Manager for Food Security dossier

As part of our Social Development Plan, the TQSOI has identified food security as a priority issue to be addressed. In light of this, the TQSOI is looking for a Project Manager. This position involves accompanying the identified communities…

Agents of Change Toolbox

This booklet will consolidate the transfer of acquired knowledge and will feed the partners into dynamic methods of animation that we implemented during our meetings.

Announcing Buffet PrioriTQSOI & November Newsletter

For two years we worked on identifying the needs of our community through citizen participation in forums, focus groups, surveys and working committees. It is now time to take things to the next level: all citizens of Southern West Island (those…