A Growth of Food Security Collaborations during COVID-19

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic,  the West Island Food Security Intervention Cell was formed to foster collaborations in the West Island between residents, organizations, elected officials, farmers and businesses to better respond to the rise in  food insecurity brought by the health crisis. Partnerships between actors across various sectors have emerged as a direct result of project implementation. As we continue adapting to this new normal, it is worth celebrating our efforts and new relationships!

Designed by the TQSOI, A Growth of Food Security Collaborations during COVID-19 is an infographic which highlights joint initiatives that have emerged between April and June 2020. These joint initiatives were developed to specifically respond to the complex food needs in the West Island, including needs related to procurement, production, distribution, operations, funding, and tool-sharing. In order to facilitate and sustain community growth, many of these initiatives comprised multi-level stakeholder collaboration, from the exchange of information, to partnering on projects, and aligning resources.

While there are many initiatives worth celebrating, this graphic is not meant to be exhaustive and provides a visual of the new collaborations that were mentioned during the Food Security Intervention Cell meetings.

“TQSOI holding inaugural WI Housing Forum November 3rd”

”The West Island based non-profit organization TQSOI (Quartier Sud de l’Ouest-de-l’île) will be hosting its first ever open forum on housing in Pointe Claire this coming Saturday, November 3rd.

“This is an event to which all residents, community organizations, politicians and other key stakeholders in West-Island are welcome to participate,” explained TQSOI Director Alena Ziuleva. “For the first time, we will be discussing the lack of affordable housing in the West Island and building collective solutions.”’

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The Suburban

Oct 31, 2018

Report on the Food Security Situation in the West Island

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